Surgery is one of the tri-modality therapy used for treatment of Breast cancer, the other two are chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Surgery helps in complete removal of tumor along with proper staging of the cancer. Surgery can be either modified radical mastectomy (MRM) or it could be breast conservation surgery (BCS).

# Modified radical Mastectomy (MRM): MRM entails complete removal of breast tissue along with nipple areola complex and level I and II axillary lymph node. Surgery helps in staging of cancer to guide us the post operative treatment and also for assessing the follow up as to how aggressive and what all test required during follow up. 


Screening is a strategy to detect early stage cancer in an asymptomatic individual. Screening has the potential advantage to detect cancer in early stage and hence making them curable. Screening is undertaken by healthy individuals and they are likely to follow healthy life style as advice by primary care physician.

Breast cancer is a global health problem. It is most common cancer to occur in women. Regular screening has been shown to decrease the odd of dying from breast cancer by around 20%. This reduction is found among women in all age groups who have undergone screening.


Breast cancer is one of the most common cancer affecting women, it has been estimated that one in every eight women will be diagnosed of breast cancer. Every year there is alarming increase in number of breast cancer cases, and it has become a major public health problem.

What are the risk factors for Breast cancer?

# Family history: Family history remains an important risk factor to be considered in assessing the risk of women developing breast cancer. Both maternal and paternal family history should be considered while evaluating the risk.

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